As a manager you must be prepared for any situation. If you’re constantly “putting out flames,” you won’t be capable of focusing on moving your business forward. Using proactive management techniques can stop problems from arising, ensuring that your team members are productive and the operations are running smoothly.

Managers who are proactive think about the future more than they react to emergencies. They consider the larger picture, anticipate problems and risks, and seek out opportunities for growth. They also systematically assess their progress and make adjustments where needed. Fear is one of many factors that lead to a reactivity mindset. People with a reactive mindset tend to be afraid of change, taking risks and failing.

The leadership coaches and mentors you hire can help you manage proactive management. You can improve your perspective and self-awareness by taking courses on proactive management techniques. Implementing strategies in the workplace will aid your team in developing a proactive mindset.

The key to successful proactive management is effective delegation. You can cut down on your workload by giving your employees the ability to take on challenging projects and responsibilities while also increasing the efficiency of your employees. You can also review your processes in order to determine what processes can be streamlined, or if they can be automated with software, to free up your time for more strategic initiatives. Also encouraging brainstorming sessions could be an excellent way to come up with new ideas and perspectives.