Companies deal with a large amount of sensitive data, and a breach in this data can cause irreparable damage to the brand’s reputation as well as customer trust and possibly legal issues. Secure document storage eliminates the risk and ensures your business operations will continue without interruption.

Storing data in a secure offsite location also safeguards the physical assets of the business from a variety of threats, including natural disasters and theft. It can also help reduce expenses associated with maintaining paper based systems, and improve workflow processes by being able to quickly transfer documents between devices, allowing instant access.

A secure document storage system includes access control along with encryption and other features that prevent unauthorized data use. It should also include an activity tracking to detect suspicious activities and an easy-to-use interface that encourages employees to adopt it and make the storage of sensitive information an integral part of their daily work.

View-only functions help secure intellectual property, since it prevents users from editing documents or downloading them to their own computers or mobile devices. This helps to make them less susceptible to ransomware. Dynamic watermarking can also provide a unique stamp that lets anyone who sees a document who they are working with, helping businesses to track down criminals when a data leak happens.

As businesses grow and expand, they must ensure that their online document storage provider can keep up with the growth. The ideal provider should provide flexible services that are scalable, able to increase capacity as needed, and ensure that workflows aren’t disrupted.