A full collection of tools that can be used to work with investors and partners. It includes collaboration with project management, CRM and financial forecasting. Features include access to mobile devices, a dashboard, reporting and integration with over 700 other business applications.

A partner relationship management (PRM) solution that allows you to communicate with and support your channel sales partners — including resellers as well as value-added resellers (VARs), and affiliates–from one central platform. You can track opportunities, deals, and commissions in order to allocate resources equitably and ensure that your product does not cannibalize their efforts, and aid in the growth of their businesses.

Partner user experience enhancements like easier navigation and better accessibility are becoming more common, indicating that people are seeking solutions that have more attention to the needs of their partners. Innovative technologies are also gaining popularity like AI-powered recommendation engines that optimize partner matches and engagement strategies.

This comprehensive cloud-based solution streamlines marketing and management of affiliate programs. The tools are feature-rich and can be used to track reports, analytics, and reporting, in addition to an international network of publishers to drive the performance and growth.

It can be a challenge to select the right software for your partner-management needs but knowing what features you need to look for will make it easier. Start by considering the outcomes you’d like to achieve instead of just comparing features. For example, you may be interested in a PRM https://dataroomshould.com/how-supportive-is-the-data-room/ tool that helps you to identify potential overlapping opportunities with your SI partners earlier in the sales cycle so you can take action quickly.